User Fee Information

Bell Sanitary District #1 2024 Rate Schedule


Sewer Use Fees:

            Gravity Line Users             $ 95.00 Quarterly             $370.00 Prepaid Annual

            Grinder Pump Users         $120.00 Quarterly            $470.00 Prepaid Annual


Wastewater Dump Fees:              $25.00 per each load       2,000 Gallon Maximum  

Wastewater Surcharge Fee:         $10.00 per each load

Permitted Providers Only            $50.00                              Annual Fee


New User Hook-Up                      $6,000.00                     Due on Hook-Up Date


Service Rate for Operators        $75.00 Hour                      1 Hour Minimum

                                                     $50.00 Hour               After the first hour

Interest Rate – Late Charge                   3%                          Quarterly



User Fee Ordinance

Document governing the operation of the Bell Sanitary District

User Fee Ordinance #1 PDF file